Flood Relief Efforts



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Flood Relief 2007

In July 2007, cyclone Yemyin affected 1.5 million people and left 300,000 homeless in 14 districts of Baluchistan. Heavy rains also caused severe damage in Karachi and killed up to 230 people.Al-Huda helped people in need by providing them with basic necessities of life through its offices in Sindh and Baluchistan. Food supplies, medicines, tents, mud houses (juggi) and utensils were provided.Some relief stats are as follows:

    • 1475 packets containing food supplies were delivered to Khuda-ki-Basti, Al-Khidmat and Gadap
    • Sugar (9 sacks), lentils (9 sacks) and tea (17 packets) worth Rs.1,257,875 was sent to Raziqabad and Chokandi
    • In Dadu, ration, medicines and utensils worth Rs.300,000 were given to 300 affected families
    • Food, tents and medicines worth Rs.200,000 were also distributed in Dadu
    • Medicines worth Rs.93,000 were distributed in Interior Sindh and Gadap
    • Ration was given in Matli, Chohar Jamali and Shah Bander
    • Rs.5000 per family was distributed in Raziqabad and Alhadid Goth for building mud houses (jughis).
    • In Bin Qasim, Rs,140,000 was doanted for building 10 mud houses and 2 bathrooms
    • Rs. 500,000 was spent for the building of 50 mud houses in Sajawal and interior Sindh


Flood Relief 2006

In 2006, the districts of Lower Sindh Hyderabad, Sanghar, Mirpurkhas and Badeen experienced heavy torrential rainfall and as a result, vast areas were submerged in water, crops were ruined, power supply and sewerage systems collapsed. Stagnant water created serious health problems.

Under Al-Huda Flood Relief Program, food, drinking water and clothes were supplied to the flood-affected people. Al-Huda targeted areas where no support had reached. Food and basic necessities required by people were bought from adjacent areas and provided to the calamity stricken people. Relief was provided to villages between Hyderabad and Mir Pur Khas as well as parts of Hyderabad and Badeen. A total of Rs.585,300 was spent on the relief work.